The flavor of quality Japanese ramen is undeniable...and the United States is just beginning to take notice.  Although an unprecedented number of 'ramen shops' are surfacing throughout the United States, the vast majority of ramen lovers may not fully understand ramen itself. 

Carl Rosa is the founder of the Sushi Club of Houston, Ramen in Common, a lecturer and a tour leader to Japan.   For two years, he has examined the finer aspects of ramen; interviewing top chefs and ramen shops while capturing the hard work and immense effort that creates a great bowl of ramen.    

Spilled is a full-length documentary about real ramen - a straightforward yet entertaining glimpse into a world that is rarely seen by the average consumer. It uncovers the true nature of ramen, a journey that begins in the unlikely, cosmopolitan city of Houston, Texas, winds across the United States gathering expert opinion from leading ramen experts...and then dives into the very heart of the ramen phenomenon in the busy streets and steamy ramen shops of Japan.  Spilled offers a direct, no-holds barred attitude that strips bare the secrets of the best bowls of ramen in the world.  Spilled is scheduled to be released in November 2014.


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